/ Darshan Crout


I’m interested in the gear other people use to get their work done. If you’re at all curious, here’s my personal setup:

MacBook Air 2019 💻

I switched to a MacBook from a ThinkPad x220 as my daily driver mainly out of convenience. For development I use tmux and Spacemacs. My dotfiles are hosted on GitHub. For additional productivity, I use the Vimium Chrome extension which brings Vim controls to the browser.

Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2 + Hasu BT Controller ⌨️

The Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2 is a Japanese keyboard with a 60% layout and Topre switches. It’s portable and extremely pleasant to type on (as well as listen to). The layout differs from traditional keyboards as the Esc and Backspace keys are shifted down one row. The Ctrl keys are removed from their usual position. Instead the Caps Lock key is remapped as Ctrl. This makes the keyboard ergonomic and Emacs key bindings much easier to use.

The keyboard has the Hasu Bluetooth Controller installed which makes it wireless and fully programmable.